About Us

Hi and Welcome to Schmoekel Maze Farm:

Schmoekel Farms has been around for 4 generations. Our great grandparents came here from Germany to start life in America and chose to be farmers. They planted wheat, hay, corn and maize. They also raised cows, chickens and pigs and they grew their own vegetables. They would can these veggies and make dill pickles, beets and pickled okra. This is how they made it day to day, hard work, up with the sunrise and to bed when the sunset.

Take a look around and you will see some of the tools from the past, some are for sale others are just to look at. Have a seat and stay awhile. Oh, the chair out here, is a bale of hay. Sit back and enjoy the view, take in the sites and sounds of the farm.

Farming is not what it used to be so we have taken the use of the Barn to a whole new level, 2 stories to be exact. We now use it for the Maze itself. We have an Antique Shop/Country Store used from some of the other out buildings on property.

We will be looking for you, (either in the maze or coming up the lane).

Hope you enjoy your experience here as much as we like sharing it with you.




NO PETS except service dogs